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Tableau Desktop

  • ScienceTranslates pictures of data into optimized database queries
  • Perform queries without writing a single line of code
  • Import data into Tableau’s data engine from multiple sources
  • Combine multiple views into interactive dashboards
  • Highlight and filter data to show relationships
  • Self-service analytics and data visualization that anyone can use
  • Connect directly to data from your data warehouse for live up to date data analysis
  • Advances in database and graphics technology make even huge data sets possible to analyze
  • Optimized color schemes, automatic chart types and elegant design are built in
  • Makes data easily understandable for everyone so decisions can be driven by data

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Tableau Server

  • HealthcarePublish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them throughout the organization with web-based Tableau Server
  • Users interact with dashboards using browser
  • Extract and refresh your data fast through live data connections
  • Empower your business team to find answers in minutes, not months

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Tableau Online

  • Hosted version of Tableau Server makes business intelligence faster than ever before
  • Publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them with colleagues or customers
  • Free desktop application that enables you to view visualizations built-in Tableau Desktop

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High-TechTableau Reader

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Tableau Mobile for Tablets and iPad


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