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Daniel 4 1In September, BlueBiz Consulting will reach 5 years in the space of Information Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Analytics (SaaS), Data Visualization, Data Governance, Performance Management and Tableau Software.

During that time we have invested in people, infrastructure, technology and learning. We have cemented an excellent reputation within the Business Intelligence and Analytics community, we have developed benchmarks and standards and we have acquired great expertise in the field of practice, from managing complex business intelligence and analytics projects to delivering findings and recommendations to enhance performance or to facilitate informed decision-making.

Ultimately we grew. We went from running a SOHO to renting more space at a separate location. We increased our client base and we dedicated to help clients to understand the importance of data analytics. During the past years we fostered the use of data as enabler for performance improvement and evidence-based decision-making.

Many times I felt that I was ahead of the curve when I decided to found BlueBiz Consulting back in 2011. Today the marketplace is savvier and more mature and clients don’t panic when they hear the word “Analytics”. On one hand that is great but on the other hand the competition is fierce. Today, organizations are aware of the value of data and thus they are working quickly to adopt and/or adapt data governance policies to the new culture of self-service analytics, empowering people to dig into their data and find the right answers to their questions.

How do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? There are 4 main ways:

The first one is due to the fact that we are an advisory and technology delivery firm only and highly specialized in Information Management and its related field. We don’t do anything else. We are experts in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Data Visualization, Data Governance, Performance Management and Tableau Software.

BlueBiz Consulting’s associates are the best consultants, architects, designers, developers and project managers in the practice.

We are Tableau Partners. In 2012 we became Tableau Partners powering our solutions with Tableau Software as the world-class leading business intelligence platform for data visualization. Today, BlueBiz Consulting continues to strengthen that relationship with Tableau.

The fourth way is through the creation of Blue Analytics®, an exclusive set of customized solutions developed and designed to suit business needs regardless of the technology platform you have, using the latest trends and best practices there are.

Why Blue Analytics®? Because it is about trust and in-depth analyses. It is about facilitating the platform, the tools and the knowledge to dive-in and find those patterns and trends that will help you fix a problem, find the right answers or push you further to the next question. It is about confidence and reliability on the information that you got from our Blue Analytics® solution to make well-informed decisions. And, BlueBiz Consulting is committed to delivering all of the above.

I am extremely proud to accomplish this hallmark and for that I thank our clients, personnel, associates, partners and vendors who have helped us succeed and to be where we are at today.

I look forward to continuing the amazing journey of transforming businesses into data-driven organizations.

Daniel Vitaver

President and CEO

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