Application Form

Sales & Operations Analytics Executive Adviser

Key Skills in Sales & Operations

  • Profound knowledge in Sales & Operations planning, strategizing and analysis techniques
  • High emphasis on quality that helps maintain compliance with the quality standards
  • Hands-on experience using work related technology
  • Ability to ensure compliance between planning and implementation
  • Ability to study market trends and make appropriate changes to plans and policies
  • Expert judgement, knowledge and wisdom to guide the organization through findings and recommendations on Sales & Operations
  • Skills to perform root cause analysis and simulation scenarios
  • Experience in drafting Sales & Operations plans and setting goals by analyzing the feasibility of executing the plans

What you may bring

  • Master Degree in any business and/or science discipline (or equivalent)
  • Certifications (current) in one or more disciplines
  • Contribution to the professional community (i.e. books/articles, etc.)
  • Acted as guest speaker at conferences or seminars
  • Recognized by the professional community for your contributions to the BOK
  • You have 10+ years of working experience as Business Advisor
  • You have worked at the C-level and/or Board for a minimum of 10 years
  • You have amazing references from peers, colleagues, employers and clients

By applying you are granting permission to BlueBiz Consulting to check on your background and references. BlueBiz Consulting reserves the right to reject, at its sole discretion, any submissions that do not match BlueBiz Consulting’s criteria for the search. BlueBiz Consulting looks for any possible conflict of interests between the candidate, the client and BlueBiz Consulting, and decides on the application accordingly.


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