Blue Analytics™ & Data Integration

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Blue Analytics™ is an efficient solution to help our clients gain new insight from their data. It helps to discover, extract, visualize and analyze data from dashboards to provide meaningful information and to enable evidence-based decision-making. Blue Analytics™ was designed to maximize Sales & Operations performance.

We have selected Tableau Software®, a world-class leader in data visualization, as the Business Intelligence technology of choice for dashboard development.

Visualize your data in your dashboard. In a blink of an eye we transform your data and create custom dashboards. Using Tableau in the cloud we design, create and publish your dashboards. You can access your information any time you need it, regardless where you are.

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Dashboard Samples

Tableau Software

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Click on the dashboard sample below and interact with them.

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Custom Sales Dashboards

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Sales Commissions Insights

Sales Commissions Insights

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Donor Insights

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Real Estate

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