Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Success through efficiency is essential in the current economy. Our team delivers effective Information Management and Business Intelligence Strategies to address present challenges and help anticipate the future ones according to your needs. These strategies are geared to achieving quick benefits and long-term results.


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Strategic Planning

Strategic PlanningOur team of experts in Business Intelligence and Analytics work collaboratively with you and your people to define a Strategic Plan to transform the business into a data-driven organization. In order to develop the blueprint we assess the organization’s context and all the elements that are necessary to achieve a sustainable and scalable analytics solution. The assessment includes Information Systems and Technology, Data Governance Policies and IT Security, Data Sources, Business Processes, staff’s knowledge base and other items that can impact the implementation of the strategy.

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Agile Analytics

We perform life-cycle correlations and “what-if” analyses to get an in-depth understanding of your business operations, finance, marketing and sales, human resources, products and/or services, marketplace, customers and competition. Based on those analyses, we then deliver our findings and recommendations on how you may boost your business results by enhancing the use of data in your decision-making.

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Data Governance

Business lives in an age of self-service analytics. Data Governance is about enabling groups of users, with appropriate privileges and controls, to access data. We work with you to define the data governance strategy and set the framework for accountability, accessibility, transparency and security. In this way, you can provide the right data to the right people when and where they need it so they can answer their own questions and make quality-informed decisions.

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Performance Management

We help you identify benchmarks, define ratios and metrics and create meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business. Our experts integrate the practice of Business Process Management (BPM), Information Management (IM) and Data Analytics to optimize processes and improve the performance of your organization. Our customers will be able to perform Business Activity Monitoring and Business Performance Measurement, Monitor and Control to improve efficiency, increase sales revenue, enhance customer experience and achieve sustainable growth.

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Project Management

Each Business Intelligence Project is carefully planned and designed to be run successfully, maintaining the project under strict control, within scope, time, budget and quality. BlueBiz Consulting practices are aligned with the Project Management Institute and its Body of Knowledge. 

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Case Studies

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