Information Strategy, Data Analytics & Governance

Whether your organization is a mid-sized business, a non-profit or an educational institution, you need to have all the information and tools right there, on the spot for in-depth analyzes and decision-making, at any time and from anywhere.

Our experts work collaboratively with you and your team to define a data-driven strategy to transform your business in a more efficient organization and thrive.

Get insights, monitor and control business processes to improve the performance of the organization. Boost your readiness to execute and outperform the competition.

Utilize dashboards and scorecards, custom key performance indicators and benchmarks to dive-in, recognize patterns, analyze trends and make evidence-based decisions.

Our services include:

  • Information Strategy, Data Analytics and Data Governance consulting services; hours spread over time as required by the client’s project
  • On-site and/or off-site services. Remote meetings via phone call, video conference or internet. Off-site Tableau® Dashboard Development
  • 50 minute free initial – phone call or virtual – meeting to build trust, assess rapport, explain services, and answer questions and tune-up. Onsite meeting is available upon request
  • Access to BlueBiz Consulting’s toolbox (prep templates and supporting materials)
  • Advisory services may be related to but not limited to information strategy, business intelligence, data analytics, Tableau software, performance improvement (KPIs), business transformation and data governance
  • Needs assessment and requirement analysis
  • Data Collection (data provided by the client, historic and current)
  • Custom key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Ad’hoc data visualizations
  • Findings, expert judgement and prioritized recommendations with the required high-level strategy to address any concerning issues, successfully
  • Note: based on each particular case, services may include pattern recognition, trend and “what-if” analyzes, SWOT analysis, 80/20 rule (Pareto) and/or other studies needed to deliver effective recommendations

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