Consulting Policies

Privacy Policy and Consent:

1) Any third party accessing BlueBiz Consulting Inc.’s website is known hereby as “The Client”.

2) BlueBiz Consulting Inc. is committed to the protection of personal information, in compliance with the Privacy Act. Any personal information you provide to us will be used for the purpose of providing you with the services for which you have contacted us. By filling out and signing the registration form, you, “The Client” consent to our collection and use of that personal information for that purpose; disclosure of certain personal information to our team of Associates and Experts and to service providers who assist us with administration and communication; marketing our services to you. For further details, please click here.

Copyright and Trademarks:

3) All online materials including BlueBiz Consulting Inc.’s Tableau Platform materials, and intellectual property are owned by BlueBiz Consulting Inc. Permission to use copyrighted material is the responsibility of BlueBiz Consulting Inc. and its associates and partners, and SHALL NOT be used, copied, distributed, sold or otherwise appropriated without the corresponding permissions.

4) “The Client” acknowledges that BlueBiz Consulting Inc.’s trademarks are and shall remain trademarks and service trademarks of BlueBiz Consulting Inc. BlueBiz Analytics™ and Blue Analytics™ are BlueBiz Consulting’s trademarks.

5) “The Client” shall not gain any right, title or interest with respect to BlueBiz Consulting® Inc.’s trademarks by use thereof, and all rights or goodwill associated with BlueBiz Consulting‘s trademarks shall inure to the benefit of BlueBiz Consulting® Inc.

6) “The Client” acknowledges that the Intellectual Property of the contents used for the development and delivery of BlueBiz Consulting Inc. services and solutions remains exclusively with BlueBiz Consulting Inc. and/or the author, unless otherwise agreed upon with BlueBiz Consulting Inc.

7) “The Client” will neither contest nor challenge the exclusive ownership of such business materials and trademarks, intellectual properties and rights, at any time.

Access to Tableau Platform:

8) The access to BlueBiz Consulting Inc.’s Tableau Platform does not convey any rights of Intellectual Property or ownership or any other license, right, title or interest in BlueBiz Consulting Inc.’s Intellectual Property.

9) “The Client” or any third-party on The Client’s behalf, SHALL NOT copy, amend, publish, distribute or otherwise disseminate any material available in BlueBiz Consulting’s Tableau Platform, unless and until such matter shall have first been approved in writing by BlueBiz Consulting Inc.

Printed and Online Materials:

10) In hard copy, BlueBiz consulting Inc. will provide “The Client” printed materials as per request. All other documentation and materials will be provided for download over the internet. “The Client” will sign-in to BlueBiz Consulting® Inc.’s website (including Tableau Platform) to access the assigned documentation and materials. “The Client” may make one printed copy of the materials for their own use. .

11) In order to download materials from BlueBiz Consulting® Inc.’s website, “The Client” must have paid in full for such material(s). Once the material(s) was/were paid in full and “The Client” downloaded the corresponding material(s), “The Client” is no longer eligible to receive a refund for its purchase in the case they decided not to keep such material(s) and return it back. In this case, “The Client” will also not be permitted to transfer his/her payment fee to act as a credit towards a future purchase.

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