Case Studies


  • A financial institution leveraged Data Analytics to enhance informed decision-making.
  • Analytics provided a mid-sized retail business with the dashboards and metrics needed to monitor and control cash-flow and gain insights to quickly improve sales and profitability.
  • A manufacturer decides on analytics as a strategic imperative to address agility in the supply chain, putting the company on the path to a multi-million cost reduction.
  • A food and beverage company adopts analytics to get operational insights to focus on pricing to fast track the go-to-market process and quickly boost sales and increase profitability.>
  • Data Analytics was instrumental for a small business that transitioned to the next level of growth, facilitating performance improvement, financial controlling and brand enhancement.
  • An education institution uses dashboards to retain students and grow the market-share.
  • A mid-sized company implemented a dashboard solution to seamlessly navigate its data and help users to extract new insights about the relationship between cost and performance.
  • Historic and current data visualization permitted a not-for-profit organization understand the problems it faced, paving the way for a successful business transformation and process optimization.
  • Analytics facilitates the accounting during a process of merge and acquisition.

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