Expert judgement and trustful advice

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, first time manager or a seasoned decision-maker …

A professional consultant is the external resource every smart executive should consider, on a regular basis, for help and ongoing support.

My experience tells me that an executive, whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, first time manager or a seasoned decision-maker, looks for a consultant, mainly, when the problem is already there, “fire is heating up” and thus, he or she needs outside ears to listen what is going on and deliver quick recommendations to address those issues.

Actually, I learned from my past experience as CIO, COO, and CEO that the faster I engaged and retained a management consultant, the faster my informed decision-making improved and so was the organization’s performance.

As external entities, executive consultants are neither part of the problem nor the solution. As independent and unbiased advisers, they will listen to all stakeholders, privately and confidentially, before making any kind diagnosis.

The diagnostic by itself is not enough for a wise consultant. He or she will formulate different solutions and predict what would happen when applying one or the other approaches to the problems. Data analytics, statistics and business intelligence are instrumental to delivering the right answers.

Once the above steps have been completed, the consultant will be able to summarize findings and deliver prioritized recommendations to address the particular needs and issues involved.



Author: Vitaver-Bronstein Analytics Consulting

IT advisory boutique, specialized in IT/MIS Strategy, Data Analytics, Data Governance and Performance Improvement.